Place Your Bids – auction


Go to the booth and place your bid. Minimum starting bid at $1,500 – goes up with $100 increments.  The BucketBike retails at $3000. Auction opens at 11am. Approximate closing time 4pm.

Proceeds will go to the non-profit United Netherlands Organization.

BucketBike Build for Life

MASHBIKE has teamed up with the famed Azor factory where each bicycle is handmade in The Netherlands. They have changed the look of cycling in The Netherlands, Germany, United States, United Kingdom and many other countries. Their concept of carrying children in a cargo bike was innovative and is now accepted world-wide as an alternative and green form of transport. For many parents using a BucketBike is a liberating and life changing experience especially on the school run in busy towns and cities where the volume of traffic has become a genuine problem. Ever since our first  model we have been continuing development to enable you to carry babies, children, dogs, shopping and cargo with ease and in safety.

You will ‘feel like cycling’ more often if your bike offers the perfect combination of smooth cycling, clever design and robust quality. As far as we are concerned a bike is only worthy of the MashBike name if it meets these three criteria.

Smooth cycling – Ease and comfort
Regardless of whether you want to cycle quickly through town or are about to undertake a long touring ride, smooth cycling will make your ride a lot more comfortable. That is why we make our models lighter each time around by using lightweight components, while maintaining our quality standards and solidity of course.

Smart design – Striking and ingenious
Choosing a bike is personal. That is why Mashbike has a wide range of models, price brackets and colours. One of them is sure to have your name on it! Mashbike is constantly working on further refining the design and styling of its bikes. An example is the smart integration of cables and lighting into the bike, making them less vulnerable and, what’s more, it looks particularly stylish. A lot of our electric, city and leisure bikes are equipped with these components.

Robust quality – Durable and safe
If you purchase a new bike, you do not want to worry about it. At Mashbike we understand how you feel. That is why you will get no less than 10 years’ warranty on all frames and non-suspension front forks. We provide a 5-year warranty on suspension front forks and 2 years on all other components. The paint on a Mashbikes is almost indestructible, as well as being rock-hard and in every colour. This durability pays for itself in lower maintenance costs and a good trade-in value, whilst you enjoy maximum cycling pleasure on a Mashbike quality bike.

The Azor factory is cost effective, sustainable and innovative with over 20 years of electric assist  experience, which resulted in the development of the electric BucketBike. The e-BucketBike is specifically designed for delivery services, and is continuously improved/updated with the latest technology. The electric assist bicycle offers a cost-effective, sustainable, and innovative solution for delivering groceries, dry cleaning, packages and hot or cold meals. We have been supplying electric delivery bicycles in Europe for over a year to major chains such as Heineken, ANWB, KLM and Albert Heijn.

Our electric delivery BucketBike can withstand a beating and is by far the most effective delivery method for shorter distances. In the larger cities our electric models average faster times over the course longer distances, due to its flexible maneuverability. The electric delivery bicycle is extensively tested in our electric development center, which also serves as our headquarters in Hoogeveen, The Netherlands. The parts are deliberately chosen and created specifically to ensure that our models as good as indestructible and can fulfill its delivery job perfectly.

We can customize all and any of our bicycles. Many different types of delivery boxes can be attached to the electric delivery bicycle to transport your pizza, meals, packages, etc. If desired, a box can be loaded on the front or on the rear. Warming bags can be placed in the delivery boxes. We can provide the delivery boxes and warming bags for you. Together we can determine which bags or buckets are best suited for your product.

You can personalize all for the models  to suit your corporate identity. We can print your name and/or logo on any model and especially on the electric BucketBike. We will take care of this advertising for you. The wishes for personalizing can be discussed individually. We would like to come to an suitable approach for your business.

We look forward to meeting you,